Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crooked buildings

Specs: Casio Exilim EX-V8; f/3.6; 1/50 sec; ISO 200.


Cezar and Léia said...

I love the distortion in the reflection.It's beautiful!
And you are very smart to hide your camera! How did you do it?
Just so cool!
Hey...I would like to say one more time, THANK you for so lovely poem that you wrote to Luna.
Right now, I'm preparing a collage with her picture to set up with your poem.It's wonderful!
MErci! :)
*** Daughter is anxious here because today she will attend a Rock Concert ( Maroon 5 at Rockhal Luxembourg) with girl friends.
This time we won't go, only to take her at the train station ( the place is a little bit far from here).

joo said...

I love this reflection very much! It's so cool:)

EG Wow said...

I really, really like how tis building looks so wonky in the reflection!

Francisca said...

One sees that a lot, these wonky reflections, and I wonder if it's because the glass is not perfectly flat. (Can you tell I have a head for science? Not!) :-D

cieldequimper said...

Good artsy reflection!

JM said...

Great reflections!

Halcyon said...

Beautiful reflections!

Gunn said...

Yes, I understand/see what you mean by the comment you left on my blog and window photo.
Interesting and great colors/reflections.

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