Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunset in the Smoky Mountains


Jack said...

Interesting effect, Jacob.

joo said...

Nice effect. I love these autumn colours!

Cezar and Léia said...

wow terrific shot, his place is wonderful and I like the effect in this picture!
*** by the secret?Cezar has started studying French as well! :)
Cool isn't it?
Guess what? He has never study it before, but he has a blessed talent for learning languages.Besides English is the official language in his work.So...he did a kind of test to identify the level of his French ( about 80 questions),it is important to know because he can read, he can watch French TV, and etc.His French is amazing!I'm so proud of him!He is in the same level, same French class that I finished last semester!I have no doubts in few months he will be writing and speaking better than I ( or I would use "me"?hmmm see, I'm not good in learning languages, and my English is awful as well!)
Thanks so much for you always kind words and support!It's very important to us!
hugs to your heart,

EG Wow said...


The Bicycle - a Photo of a Painting