Thursday, October 31, 2013

Owen the policeman

Owen, our great-grandson, all dressed up for Halloween. The photo was taken by his very talented mother, Amber.



Beautiful boy, fantasický costume, as always photos perfect:) Have a nice day, friend! Thank you for the lovely comments!

Judy said...

Pretty cute. I'd give him one of the good candy bars. This picture will be one for the album.
I had a boy that dressed up like that when he was little. Now he's all grown up and he dresses up like that for work.

Small City Scenes said...

For a handsome lad he is looking very stern and maybe Grumpa-ish. Well it was Hallowe'en. MB

Cezar and Léia said...

Very convincing! :)
God bless you!

Car & Driver

Someone suggested this was a New York City driver, yelling and raising her fist for people and cars to get out of the way.