Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Colors gone wild

Wouldn't this look good hanging on your living room wall?


Judy said...

Not so much. Lots of color there but it kind of looks angry. Abstract art has never been one of my favorites.

Lois said...

No, but I did have a huge painting that was similar to this hanging on the wall in my office before I retired. There were so many colors that no matter what I wore to work, it coordinated perfectly with the artwork behind me! I worked in the College of Fine Arts at FSU, so it always got lots of comments.

Kate said...

Oh, I would LOVE to have this painting with a house to go with it in Santa Fe or Mazatlán.

Cezar and Léia said...

Hmm not sure,I guess I like more figurative art. But the intensive colors are beautiful, a perfect combination and very energetic one. Anyway I'm sure Marina would take this painting!

Car & Driver

Someone suggested this was a New York City driver, yelling and raising her fist for people and cars to get out of the way.